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US Global Tax is an accounting firm based in London, specialising in US and UK taxes for Americans living abroad.

We understand that the US tax code can be one of the most complex and progressive taxes return preparation and fillings systems in the world. For Americans living abroad, it can be even more complicated to figure out the right forms to complete, the appropriate items to claim and learning the latest tax laws – all before the dreaded April deadline.

As a team of experts in taxation for Americans living abroad, we help in advisory and tax filings services. In other words: we give you a peace of mind when it comes to filing your taxes accurately and promptly.

We’re Trusted By Our Clients

“I used U.S. Global Tax to organize and file my U.S. federal income-tax return this year, and I would definitely recommend their services. I was able to arrange a telephone consultation quickly and easily, and my consultant was knowledgeable and helpful. It was also possible to get follow-up questions answered in a timely fashion. Thank you very much! ”.

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